Nutrition guide: Interesting facts about Spirulina

Nutrition guide: interesting facts about spirulina |  smart fit

Everyone knows that Spirulina is an excellent meal, however many individuals nonetheless hesitate to make use of it for some purpose. No matter what your causes are, put them apart for a couple of minutes and browse the highest 5 causes to positively add spirulina to your repertoire.

What’s so particular about Spirulina

Meals plant

Spirulina is not only a superfood, it is a vegan necessity. Only one teaspoon accommodates greater than 150 p.c of your day by day vitamin B12 content material, 4 grams of protein, 80 p.c of your day by day iron consumption, and greater than 880 p.c of your day by day vitamin A consumption.

If that is not sufficient, it accommodates the pure chemical PEA that stimulates the mind to circulate, psychological focus, and serotonin manufacturing. Some folks name it “nature’s multivitamin.” You need assistance structuring your food regimen (How a lot for the way a lot?) Then discuss with our trainers from the health studio in Vienna Brigittenau. We will probably be comfortable to advise you.

An excellent B12 choice for vegans

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps preserve the physique’s nerves and blood cells wholesome and makes DNA, the genetic materials in all cells. Vitamin B12 additionally helps forestall a sort of anemia known as megaloblastic anemia that makes folks drained and weak.

Spirulina is a good way to extend your vitamin B12 ranges, which is vital for vegans. Vitamin B12 helps to enhance digestive well-being, prevents low power consumption and gradual metabolism, and likewise prevents melancholy because it improves mental well-being.


This highly effective seaweed may also heal your thyroid as it’s wealthy in iodine and micronutrients. All algae are good in your thyroid, however, spirulina’s particular dietary profile makes it a greater choice.

Spirulina has an excessive chlorophyll content material

The content material of the sunshine inexperienced colors signifies the unimaginable quantity of chlorophyll spirulina accommodates. Chlorophyll helps steadiness your physique’s acidity, which may also help forestall irritation and acidosis. It additionally cleans the digestive system and nourishes the physique on the mobile degree. Anti-inflammatory powers whereas exercising are additionally nice for nourishing these laborious, congested muscle tissues.

Spirulina is straightforward to mix into smoothies

Combine a teaspoon of spirulina powder with some cocoa, goji, vanilla, maca, possibly some vegan protein powder, and even a banana.

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